Oven tray

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Ürün detayları
Place food directly on the Easy2Clean Deep Tray. Its ceramic coating keeps food from sticking to the tray, eliminating the need for baking paper or extra oiling. It’s easy to wash with a wet cloth, warm water and some dish soap.
No Brand - Oven tray - M9OOEC01
Say goodbye to cooking with oil or baking paper

The non-stick ceramic coating lets you bake desserts or roast meats without baking paper or additional oiling. Its distinct surface allows food to easily slide from the tray onto the plate.

No Brand - Oven tray - M9OOEC01
A cloth, water, and dish soap are all you need to keep it clean

Truly easy to clean. The ceramic coating doesn’t allow grease and dirt to stick, so you can skip the soaking, scrubbing, and the harsh chemicals. All you need to get it clean again is a wet cloth, warm water, and some dish soap.

No Brand - Oven tray - M9OOEC01
Made to last and to be environmentally safe

It has a ceramic XERADUR 2 coating from ILAG®, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Because it is free of PTFE and PFOA synthetic compounds, you can cook at high temperatures safely.

No Brand - Oven tray - M9OOEC01
A 40 mm deep non-stick tray for roasting, and baking cakes

No need to use baking paper when making cakes that need a 40 mm deep tray. Even cook a delicious lasagne, succulent BBQ ribs, or a cheesy vegan au gratin without worrying about any yumminess sticking to the bottom or sides.

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