Product details

The Electrolux OptiBreeze X2 AirConditioner gives you the confidence that your home will be harmonious – a safe and stylish place to return to and recharge in while protecting the green credentials. This is about you and your wellbeing – enhanced every day.

Ürün avantajları

Silent Mode.

Low Noise levels have been designed with comfort front of mind. Our new OptiBreeze X2 can reach as low as 21dB for the 9k and 12k air-conditioners.* *18k-24dB and 24k-27dB.

PureO2 System

The OptiBreeze X2 helps clean the air in your home. The powerful PureO2 system employs multiple filters to protect you from harmful bacteria, tackle mildew, allergens and viruses, and effectively absorbs smoke and other odors. Breathe cleaner air and live a healthier life.

Yüksek performans ve düşük enerji tüketimi

A++ soğutma ve A+ ısıtma enerji verimlilik sınıfı ile yüksek performansı düşük enerji tüketimi ile birleştirir. Inverter ısıtma ve soğutma sistemi sayesinde evinizde ideal konfor ortamını sağlarken enerji maliyetlerinizin yükselmesini önler.

One click to comfort

Our remote-controlled daily timer allows you to schedule OptiBreeze X2 to turn on or off at specific times of the day. So you can wake up, or arrive home, in comfort. Whenever you want. Day after day.